The S1&K Bonus Code Archive


Welcome to the Sonic 1 & Knuckles codes page! Here you'll find the biggest S1&K 3D bonus code list over the Net! (I hope). This site was originally maintained by Wiseman. He has since retired from SSRG. This archive is now maintained by Stealth.

You can contribute this site! Have you any code not listed here? Do you know of a wrong code here? Please send it to, with a subject of "Bonus Code Archive"

Thanks to (in chronological order): Andy Wolan, Alan Shailer, Thomas Rodríguez, Gemini, Bonn, WeezelX and Justin Reese! (Did I miss somebody? Please notify me!)

Click here to download the current list. (Last Updated: 07-10-00)

Last updated: 08-09-02 - Vistor #01076
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