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 Cheats Archive

Welcome to the Cheats Archive!
Made by Wiseman

Here you'll find the most complete list of cheats for every Sonic game!


There are only real cheats here. You won't find hoaxes, stage shortcuts, or those "cheats" already told in the game manual or dialogues. Some of the cheats are unseen, recently discovered cheats, or have really weird and interesting results! In Cheats Archive you'll also find easier ways of entering the cheats.
All cheats have been tested. If you find a non-working cheat, it could be  for another territorial version, or another game version. If you know any cheat not listed here (or any error in the site), don't doubt to
E-Mail Wiseman!
For ROM or RAM hacking cheats, go to other sections of the

The syntax used for the cheats is simple. Commas signal sequences of buttons, a plus sign indicates two or more buttons need to be pressed at the same time, and brackets means you should sustain the last button (or buttons, specified with a plus sign), and type the sequence enclosed. For example, A+B[Up, Left] means you should hold A and B (which are pressed at the same time), and press Up, then Left.


Now, pick a system from the list below, which will carry you to the game selection page, and enjoy!

*Cheats Archive is under construction. The only systems with cheats so far are the Genesis and the Game Gear.*

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