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By RattleMan.
Updated 10/25/02

In memory of the Area 51, this story was made.


In 1999 (i think) Jan Abaza set out to create the ultimate Sonic mysteries website. He created a
messageboard. When we moved to Ezboard, he pulled a Simon Wai on us. He left for months on end, only to
return to make a bold statement after The Second Impact, and then disappear, return after the Fifth
Impact and finally returning once in a while using a weird user-name. He has barely updated Area 51,
and he left his people in the time of need (well, sometimes).

This is the story of how these boards were torn apart, and ultimately destroyed,.

Table of Contents

1. The Impacts
2. Special Thanks
3. Bye




URL: http://disc.server.com/Indices/100481.html

2/14/01 (approx.) IMPACT 1: Imposters.

Since Discservers didnt have any nick register, people could Imposter very easily. This happened. People
posted with fake names, saying something major about stuff. As of 10/23/02, I now know that HezMan did the
first impersonation, an impression of Kat and Wetflame, as a joke. Soon others started to imposter, such as
Jan about Area 51 closing down. It was mayhem. So we moved to.....



URL: http://pub54.ezboard.com/fstharea51messageboardfrm1


1/1/02. Imposters. Again.

It was the start of a new year, and everything was moving smoothly. Until the Imposters came. People
registered fake names that mirror other user's names, in wacky ways. The names were such as HezWoman2001, Not so Stealth, Shadow The Dimwit, Rattlemanz iz back, Friend Off sonic, Dryflame, Anti Hentai Kurai, ANTIRAMPKORV, and more. It was more than one person, from different areas. It was resolved when the IPs were found, and banned.

The Imposter Terrorism was by no way anticipated. All was quiet, and soon...

We got a new board, an upgrade to the vile easyboard. We were flown into.....


URL: http://ssrg.emulationzone.org/area51/cgi-bin/ikonboard/ikonboard.cgi

The First Impact:

4/8/02. It began.

PACHUKA had made a huge fuss over the topic of "Dust Hill: Fake, or Real?". Soon, the flaming started.
Stealth broke into the fight. He said he didn't want any more replies to that topic. Then, Friend of Sonic came along. He had an opinion. He posted in the place where it said "no more replies". He was warned. He started to argue with Stealth. Then the flaming was directed toward Stealth. Stealth had leave to class, so he did not see it at this time. The flaming topics continued, and when Stealth came back, he got mad, deleted all the topics in every forum, and left this message in a topic called "All right, I've had enough.".


Alright, I've had all I can take. Do you want to see power-hungry? Do you want to see an omnipotent
dictator? OK, LETS HAVE IT! This board is now under official lockdown. FEEL THE POWER! If I'm going to be accused, I might as well go ahead and do it anyway, right?

Look at all of you, you're all MORONS! You're so stupid and petty it makes me SICK. You whine and bicker over the most innane things, you drive things to directions YOU want them to go, and you all TRY to raise hell
on a constant basis! You're ignorant, selfish leeches, and until you become anything more civilized, you will
not be provided with a means to spread your disease. I'm through listening to your ignorant ideas, I'm through
with your petty selfish exploits, I'm through taking your harassment and watching you dish it out to others.

This is it, the grand finale. Until I say otherwise, under authority of SSRG maintainership, this board will
not be raised. You want an angry, evil, uncaring and power-abuseful Stealth? HERE I AM!

The Death of Ikonboard, dubbed The First Impact by me, was well anticipated, especially by me. I had a dream
long before about it. While on the Ikonboard, Mercedes, FoS, and a few others requested that the ezboard be
left open, it was, and saved the MB when Ikon was shut down. We went back to the ezboard.

We were slapped back into the Stone Age, and all was peaceful until...


URL: http://pub54.ezboard.com/fstharea51messageboardfrm1

MINI-IMPACT 2 "Danny: Revision 02 Attacks" :

4/13/02 (Estimate)

Someone named Danny 02 came to our board, claiming he had a beta. We believed him, and then he started making horrible racial comments, spamming the board. He was banned.

The Danny 02 attacks were given the name "Danny: Revision 02 Attacks", and was not anticipated at all. We went back to our business, and all was happy. Until a problem came from...

The Second Impact:

5/9/02. It began. Again.

L0s1 had imported rankings that signified what accomplishments a user had acheived, such as finding hex
addresses for something new, or something. x64 and a whole lot of people were annoyed by it, so we decided to talk to l0s1 about it. He didn't remove it. I gave up on asking him, but x64 didn't. He kept making new topics
about the Ranks, explaining why they shouldn't be there. The Death of the Ranks, dubbed The Second Impact by me, was highly anticipated, as l0s1 did not remove them in a timely manner. It got so heated that x64 was

*BOARD CHANGE*... for a few.
x64, and others (including me) had this idea of creating an Area 51 where there were no ranks. This board was
created. It would come in handy later.

But that wasn't the end of it, someone wanted to destroy Area 51 in...


URL: http://pub57.ezboard.com/bsonicthehedgehogarea51

The Third Impact:

5/29/02. It began. AGAIN.

x64 and a few others wanted to take down Area 51. For good. Grauh came up with this plan to email
Ezboard. He was to tell Ezboard that we were selling illegial ROMs and software pirating. Super Sonic Area51
backed away from the idea and tried to get x64, Pachuka, and a few others to stop. x64 finally backed out, but
SOMEONE obviously went ahead at it. The Area 51 Messageboard was shut down, due to "Software piracy". I modified the Area 52 Message board, a messageboard that x64, Luigi Link and I had made up to escape the Ranks, to accompany all the "messageboardless" Area 51ers. It worked better than I thought. People accomadated wonderfully. For about an hour. The Area 51 Messageboard opened back up, and everyone rejoiced.

The Near-Death Experience Ezboard, dubbed the Third Impact by me, was not anticipated at all.
No one thought the people who were wanting to shut down the Area 51 would do it.

Back to the Area 51. It opened back up.

It all went well until...


URL: http://pub54.ezboard.com/fstharea51messageboardfrm1

The Fourth Impact:

6/4/02 (approx.) It happened.

The Area 51 MB was shut down yet again, for the same purpose as last time. I know who told Ezboard in the
first place for the first time as of 6/7/02. This time, a new MB, PHPBB, was opened, hosted by Stealth.
Hopefully The First Impact won't make an encore preformance at the new MB......

The Death of The Ezboard, dubbed the Fourth Impact by me, was sort of anticipated. I know who told Ezboard
in the first place for the first time as of 6/7/02, and I have permission for the first time as
of 10/25/02 to release this information. PACHUKA was the one who notified Ezboard.

The board was "locked down and banned", so Stealth pushed ahead construction of the new board, a phpBB. It was so lovely.

So the ezboard was over and done with, and we moved to...


URL: http://ssrg.emulationzone.org/area51/cgi-bin/PHPBB/index.php


ZTNet went offline for most of the day to upgrade to better, faster servers. Some people (including me)
thought it was the Fifth Impact, due to the fact that errors have been popping up around the MB.
The Almost-Near Impact PHPBB, dubbed the Fifth Impact (before I knew what ZTNet was doing) by me, was
anticipated, because of all the errors on PHPBB.


Someone named Knuckles Dan came to our board, flaming everyone here, and spamming the board. He was banned, then came back as a lot of other names (which were banned too), and stalked Jen. The Knuckles Dan attacks were given the name "Knuckles Dan(ny02) Attacks", and were not anticipated at all. We went back to our business and all was happy.

Maybe, until our world would come crashing down around us in...

(9/5/02, approx 4 PM) THE FIFTH IMPACT:

At approximately 4 PM It has finally happened. Stealth went INSANE again. He _DELETED THE SSRG_ and left this message:

"Do you know what I've come to realize? The "online community" is no better than the real one.
In fact, it's worse. What I once saw as a great thing, Sonic the Hedgehog, has been ruined by the vast
majority of you. This is not the community I helped to start. This is "humanity" taking it's course,
corrupting everything in it's path. It's so easy from the other side of that computer screen, isn't it?
You don't have to look at me, or anyone else you're a pestilence to. You don't have to play the odds that
someone may actually take a swing at you for being an ass. You'd be surprised though, because for everything
you hide in your conveyance of your perfect little world, there are at least two in others you just can't
see. What you don't know is the real affect you have on people. Or, perhapse, you do know? In any event,
I'm not your willing public servant anymore. You won't get anymore undue entertainment from me.
And think of me, every night before you go to sleep, and what I say to you. You may think you're hot stuff
now. You may think you've gotten away with something, you may feel like king of the world. But one day, your
little world is going to come crashing down around you. It's true that this world is made for and run by
morons, thus creating an environment in which the moron can thrive, but it won't last forever. That's why
I'm here. And no breath will be my last untill I watch every single one of you fall."

The Fifth Impact, dubbed "The Death of SSRG" or "The Final Impact" was in no way anticipated. But I
(for some reason) backed up Area 51's Archives not too long ago (8/31/02) =D

NOTE: The SSRG is now restored, but the Area 51 PHPBB has been left in ruins, Andy and Stealth have given up their status, left Mystic and Tom41 control of SSRG, Jan makes a return on MC PHPBB, and has left
this reporter shaken and stirred.

NOTE 2: The Area 51 PHPBB has been restored, but all posts have been wipped out. I got the first posts in GD and EE =D

NOTE 3: During this time when the SSRG was deleted, SuperSonic A51 (Grauh), Nayr T'nargh, and Digimon Emperor tried to pull Area 51 back together on a server for three days, until Jan's announcement in...

THE FINAL IMPACT (or) The Grand Finale

September 8th, 2002: 4:21 AM (my time):

*Cosmic Eternity begins playing*

Jan announced that the MB be shut down, and the Area 51 label never used for any message boards from this
day forward. Here is his message, left in a topic called "Okay, you saviors of Area 51...I'm calling you out!":

" This is what I had decided, upon inspecting everything that had happened during my absence.

Area 51, as the MB/community, is no more. It is dead. I will be abandoning it, and so will you.

I will remain around various Sonic communities, including the new SSRG one, if one is ever made.

But remember:
This MB will remain up for app. 24 hours, then it will be wiped out. No-one, and I mean NO-ONE is to bring it back. I am Area 51. Without me, I want it do die. Respect my wish.

Create a new SSR forum somewhere in the SSRG root. I know Tom has saved the old one in the "old_area51" forum, so you can bring the old posts back if you care. But don't ever, EVER call the new forum Area 51.
"Sonic Research." "Lost World Zone." Dust Hill Zone". Those are fine. "Area 51" is not, and so aren't Area 52, 53, 66, 88 etc. The new one is not to hold any reference to the killed community, and it should be a fresh
start, away from the pain this community has brought me.

Tom has the root access, he can do whatever you want him to. Start a new forum on SSRG, but not in the Area51 folder, and break all connections with this doomed place.

Liz is to be made an admin, and so are L0s1, Dr Ivo and ICEknight, if they still desire. Think of it as my
last request.

If I am to die, my community dies too. You don't have to die - move to some other board. But please, PLEASE,
I BEG you, DON'T hold and relations to "Area 51" on the new forum.

It's my wish. All of you who said you will be respecting it, now is your time to do so.

Off the record, Nemesis, I had nothing to do with the hacker.

"Area 51" is no more. "

So this is it, the final fall of Area 51. SSRG will soon fall. The 2 things that kept it up were Area51
and SFGHQ. SFGHQ isnt in SSRG anymore. Now with Area 51 gone it's doomed. All of the Impacts have finally taken their toll. Area 51 is no more.

NOTE: Plans are being devised to give Area 51 (we cant use the label "Area 51", though) a new board through
SSRG, and we can start all over!


September 9th, 2002, at approximately 2:09:15 AM - The Death of Area 51:

Jan deleted the MB, and named the MB "Game Over" with a description of "Goodbye". The board now says
"Sorry but this board is currently unavailable, please try again later". "Goodbye". Haunting words.

Here are what some board members had to say. Digimon Emperor made a page that was a tribute to Area 51. Click here to go see it.. In it, he wrote:

"Sonic the Hedgehog Area 51 was a community with nice members. The Damn nicest community Ive been to.
Here are some quotes I got from my friends there..." - Digimon Emperor


"The Best Damn Board There Is, Was, And Ever Will Be..." ~ William aka Shadow The Hedgehog

"I've seen boards come and go, and I havent cared much about any of them...But Area 51 was different,
it was my home on the internet...I met new friends such as Kojichao, and learned great new things...
It was a sad day when the words 'Game Over' became the new title, signing end of a great community...
Things will never be the same... Area 51 was the best community that I have, and will ever be
a part of..." ~ Beta

"Area51 is gone but not forgotten. I'll miss the old board and the fans who posted there." ~ Tom

"When I first came to this community, seeking help, I was welcomed with open arms. The people were so
friendly, and helpful. Never failing to help with any question anyone asked, and made anyone feel like a
good friend. It is this, that I will miss, with it's departure. With so many great memories, it will
certainly be remembered warmly, in everyone's hearts. To a better future, for all of us..." ~ KojiChao

"Area 51 is a great place I will always remember. I met such great people here, and I am sad to see
it go. Sayonara, Area 51, the Message Board." ~ Me

"A community or group doesn't need to stay under the same name. As long as we've got many of the same people, and a place for them to meet up, we have the same community - no matter what it's called :)"
~ Tom (again)

"Area 51 the community is but a memory shared by all of us. All we have left are remains of
a few posts. All the foundings made during that wonderful period only exist in our minds."
~ Luigi Link (again)

"Area 51 is legendary. Its impact upon the community has been tremendous. Perhaps soon enough, it will
only be a memory, and it will live on as a memory in all our hearts. Area 51 is dead. Long live Area 51."
~ Luigi Link, in "SHOULD A51 MB BE SHUT DOWN" on the wiped MB, before the Final Impact

"We all know that Area 51 was the biggest and best hacking "group", so to speak, but now, the time has come
for it to rest. May we all remember it for what it meant to us, for the things that were found here, and for
the people who made it just plain damn fun to hang out there. Area 51 will be missed by all. Jan did a good
job even with all the bullshit that happened, and even though many want to keep A51 open, we should respect
the wishes of the owner. So, this is my official Area 51 farewell, even though most of us will meet up at a
future board. God bless you, Jan, may your future be fruitful." ~ Local H/BCI in his Commodore 64 coded Area 51 farewell

"Area 51 was more than a cool place. For the time I was there (which was to the end), it was the epitome of
the Sonic secrets community. Everything discovered was posted there. Sonic 2 Beta seemed miles behind,
because we were going at such a rapid pace, it was hard for people to keep up. That part of the Sonic
secrets community is now sadly only in history, with a house now divided (SSC, SC, S2BB), and secrets and
hacking discoveries seriously waning." ~ Luigi Link (yet again)

"There was so much stuff going on there, it was what started me off at this place.
I won't forget it anytime soon..." ~ NiktheGreek

For a final tribute to Area 51, Cedar J aka Dr. Evil held a radio show online which talked all about Area 51
and let A51'ers call in and talk about what Area 51 did to them. It was very fun, but sad too.



URL: http://ssrg.emulationzone.org/boards/cgi-bin/sonicstuff/index.php

On September 9th 2002, around 06:07 AM, a new board, out of the /area51 folder, called The Epicenter, was
created. Early in it's history, one of its members wanted its name changed. The admins held a contest of sorts to see who could come up with the best name for the Epicenter. Alexbt suggested Sonic Secrets Center, and that is now its name.



Special Thanks To:

Digital Emperor: For converting this into an HTML file
All the people at Area 51: For living through these impacts, but later watching Area 51 crumble, and being nice to me :)
September 11th: For inspiring me to create this Archive
SSRG Docs Archive (Alexbt): For hosting this file


Goodbye, and thank you for viewing this Archive of Area 51 Impacts. Dedicated to the Area 51 and SSRG.

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