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A51: More Than A Perfect Existance

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This new archive can contain documents from secrets to theories or even hacking guides. You can write about discoveries or theories, a FAQ, or even a compilation of information you have gathered, into a document form. Also, this might be a good place to submit important posts from the area Sonic messageboards, if properly formatted.

Guidelines for submission:

Do NOT steal other peoples' work! Always try to have permission from the original author if using their work.

Websites won't be necessary. Just compile everything into one document with everything you want, and send me an email - alexbt@emulationzone.org. I will accept documents in the form of TXT, Word DOC and HTML.



Added Rattleman's A51: MoreThan A Perfect Existance historical document.
Added Ancient Theories, provided by Nayr T'Nargh, to show how the Sonic world once was.



Hi all. Just getting the site setup the way I want it. I'm trying to follow a SSRG look and feel for the time being. As you can see, there are no documents in the archive. I'm looking forward to your submissions.


SSRG Documents Archive
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