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Welcome to The Sonic Utilities Achive! Here, you can find all of the very best Sonic ROM utilities that no other site offers. If you don't see your tool here, tell me about it and I will upload it. Just make sure that it is based on Sonic games and nothing else.

This archive contains extremely, heavily compressed downloads. If you find the file somewhere else, it's most likely going to be a few kilobytes bigger. These files are compressed at a high ratio to ensure that download time is as short as posible. If you would like to link to this site, that would be great.

Last Update: 01/07/2002
Sonic Rom Hacking Station v2.00.0000 [Resource Tools]
SonED v0.19 beta (DOS)[Level Editing]
SonED v0.14 beta (Windows)[Level Editing]
S1Edit v??? [Level Editing]
Sonic Hacking Wiz Pro v2.20 [Mega Tools]

Total Tools - 16

Mega Tools

This utility can edit saved games in Sonic & Knuckles Collection. It can modify lives, continues, emeralds, characters selected, current level, and more. You can even turn off the CD-Rom check!

This Windows tool can currently only combine ROM's, edit text strings, and edit Sonic 3 special stages. However, it is said that it will be able to do a lot of other things. This will not only combine ROM's to make S1K, S2K, S3K, etc, but it will even 'repair' the Sonic & Knuckles 'dirty' ROM's. As for text editing, it allows editing the Sonic 1, 2, 3, and K/3K level select text and enabling and disabling flags with the splash screen text. The Sonic 3 special stage editor is full perfection. It can even convert SMD ROM's to BIN format and can use IPS patches. It can do several other things as well. This is a must get utility. By the way, by request of the author, if you have any suggestions or questions/comments about this, please e-mail him.

Level Editing

Cyan has released this editor for use with the original Sonic the Hedgehog game. This facinating editor can edit a special stage in any Sonic 1 savestate. It uses an easy to use point-and-click interfase and is very stable compared to most graphical programs. This is a must get!

Stealth has been working on a level editor for Sonic 1, 2, 3K, and CD. You can move objects around, and you can even change the floor layout. You can even edit the 8x8, 16x16, and 128x128/256x256 level tiles. Not to mention that you can change the color palette. It uses much of the info from the Sonic 1 Hacking Guide, Sonic 2 Hacking Guide, and Sonic 3K Hacking Guide. This is a definate tool to get for anyone who wants to design their very own levels.

This is a currently unfinished and unsupported Sonic 1 editor created using QuickBasic and the Future library. At the moment, it only edits Green Hill acts 1-3. The author is concidering reviving the project, but only time will tell.

  • S1Edit
    131KB Compressed

    Creator -
    Version - ???
    Operating System - MS-DOS

ROM Combining

This Mac utility can combine Sonic & Knuckles with any other ROM image. This is extremely useful for Mac users since they don't have all the really neat programs that already come with PC's. You can also convert SMD files to BIN files, and you can use IPS patches.

  • Knuxbine
    547KB Compressed

    Creator -
    Version - 2.0
    Operating System - MacOS

This is another Mac utility which can combine Sonic & Knuckles with another ROM. This one is smaller, but still just as useful.

This small DOS utility will combine Sonic & Knuckles with Sonic 3. It has an easy to use interfase so that you don't have to run it from the MS-DOS prompt. It works as an interfase for UCon (included in the zip).

Savestate/RAM Editing

Here's a popular tool used by a lot of people. This was originally created to enable debug mode in Sonic ROM's. It has been greatly enhanced now and supports several other editing features to configure a savestate exactly how you want it. The good thing about this is that its upgradable!

This program can edit Sonic Spinball savestates and allow you to change the players status such as lives and score. It also allows switching the level that you're on! This tool is very useful.

This program is a simple, fast, and very small console-based program which will enable debug mode in the specified savestate.

Most people aim for editing savestates. This program does something related, but in a different way. This program will edit the RAM while you have the game running. You can edit how many rings, lives, emeralds, etc that you have.

  • Knux
    203KB Compressed

    Creator -
    Danil Galimov
    Version - 1.3 Beta
    Operating System - Win32

Text Editing

Here is the text editing tool that was used to help create the Sonic 1 beta hoax. It simply finds the searched string and changes it to whatever you want. It can also find and change encrypted text strings.

This is a tool very simular to the Text Cracker tool. It works in the same basic ways, except made for Sonic 2. Either one of these is good.

This package contains two tools in it. One will search for the "Hill" string to find text. The other utilitie will add or subtract a specified number to all the bytes in a rom. These are must get tools.

Resource Tools

This tool will allow you to search for a designated hex address and retrieve information on what it does. This is useful if you are hacking a Sonic ROM and you come to an interesting section that you have no idea about or you can't find info on the internet anywhere. This also includes a shortcut bar to run your favorite hacking or emulation tools, as well as a SonED launcher so you don't have to type a bunch of DOS commands.

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