Simon's Hoaxes

The Following are some of Simon's old hoaxes. Don't send new ones, unless they were some of Simon's that I don't have here.

Simon's first hoax, showing Sonic completing Hidden Palace 2.

Clock (W)ork Zone! Recreation of a Beta magazine pic.

Another Sonic 1 Beta Recreation, nighttime Green Hill and Sonic riding the ball.

Hidden Palace Split Screen

Carnival Night and Tails in Sonic CD!?

Um, Yeah. Exactly what it says!

This one is still beyond amazing... WOW!

It supposed to be that way, I think?

Well, you have to use your resources!

Now where did that background come from?

A little comedy for you... this one started a trend I think...

A Hedgehog of many colors!

Oh, so you are playing as TAILS now, are ye!? I had no Idea!

What's the hoax here? Oh...

Methinks Simon might of had the Sonic 1 Beta Rom!? :P

Knux faces the facts of electricity...

This was made before the Game worked on an Emulator, in case you wondered what the hoax was...

It's Final Fantasy Sonic 3D Blast!! Uh...

Yet another Green Hill prerelease recreation! Sonic seems to like this one...

A different Sonic 3 title screen

A Sonic 2 Beta look to the Sonic 1 Stage select

Another Dust Hill pic, but I like the Sonic CD one better :P

Enter the Hidden Palace Title Card...

The snow is on FIRE!!!! But only moving at 602 MPH!?

I didn't see this one coming...


What? No red Rhino-Bots?

16 Bit with a vengence...

The impressive thing here is that he has 10 rings in 0:00 time!!!

The excitement is building... uh... no wait a sec... never mind.

Here is some exciting two-player action, equipped with individual scoring for each player.

Feel sorry for the Turtle? LOL

Doomsday Zone gets buff...

Sky Sanctuary 3D!!! Looks kinda like Dreamcast material to me :P

Look what Simon found on his PC!!!