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Sonic Spinball BETA




9th July 2002

More updates -- mainly Beta 1 and Beta 2 stuff, and some other things here and there.


23rd June 2002

Updated some pages. Screenshots should be coming soon!


20th June 2002

Hi, I'm Atomicorange, and I've taken over the Sonic Spinball Beta site. I joined SSRG a few days ago to maintain this site, and also to create and maintain a Sonic Spinball Hacking site, which should be appearing very soon. So far, I've done a complete redesign of this site in a day or so and I'm currently updating content and the like.

I've pretty much finished the actual design of the site now, which included getting rid of some not-very-useful things, such as the guestbook and messageboard. There's really not much point of having a MB when the A51 MB does a really good job!

I'll upload some screenshots soon, even though there aren't many different places in the game where you could take still shots and really notice a difference. But I'll upload some anyway, just to keep you people happy! :)

News script isn't on the agenda, as there won't be breaking news every single day!

Well, sit back, relax, and... er, enjoy the site, then!

-- Atomicorange