Here, you will find all the tools I made to allow you to modify your favourite Sonic games, as well as all the support you need to use them.

What's new ?
A very quick new release. The only difference is that it's in 800x600, and that you can now view the 2P levels. You need to extract the content of this file in the directory where you extracted the previous one, overwriting files whens asked. Download: ZIP (187 KB)
I started creating a new editor for Sonic 3 & Knuckles ! It's my frist released program being programmed in C++. It uses a fullscreen DirectDraw interfase, with a resolution of 640x480x8 (will probably be changed to 800x600x8). Currently, it uses some extra files to load the art, but next releases won't need these files ! You can download it here in ACE format (698 KB) or here in ZIP format (1.33 MB). As a bonus, you can customize the interfase by editing the three BMP files (be careful with the palette...), and you can change the interfase palette by editing PALETTE.BIN (if you rename it to .ACT you can open it in Photoshop). The 64 first colors are reserved for the level palette.
A really quick ChaoSaX-Pal update. It is now version 0.29, and I added some more palettes descriptions.
I set up a Chat ! It is a Java applet, linked to an IRC channel. To inaugurate it, I will organize a meeting on Saturday, 13th, at 8:00 PM (GMT). This meeting doesn't have anything similar to the ones organized by Saxman. It is only for curious people who want to know who I am. I also removed the background animation: it caused some problems.
8:00 PM (GMT)
3:00 PM (GMT-5:00, US Eastern time)
12:00 PM (GMT-8:00, US Western time)
A new tool has been released! It's Chaos-Pack: The Sonic Data Compressor. It will allow you to recompress data! Download V0.10 on the download page.
The french version of the site is online! Translated by myself. In fact, my primary language is french, if you don't know already.
I finally released ChaoSaX-Zone V0.30! I made several ZIPs, so if you already have an older version, you won't have to download everything.
ChaoSaX-Stage V0.26 was a bit buggy, so, here is V0.30. I fixed several bugs (all, I hope), and I added the S3S V2.00 support (the reason for jumping from V0.26 to V0.30). Thanks to Gerbil for sending me the notes on his format.
I released ChaoSaX-Stage V0.26. You can download it on the ChaoSaX-Tools page. The previous version had a problem to load S3S files. Thanks to Ultima for reporting it!
I found something funny on my HD. The original english version of ChaoSaX-Stage. I thought I only had the french version. However, I lost the source code for both, so I can't modify them anymore. I think it's a good idea to allow you to download it. BTW, its name was 'Chaos', and it used an ugly interfase. You can download it on the Funstuff page.
The messageboard is ready. It uses the default skin, but you can post messages. I also added a Special Stage / Bonus Stage page. There, you'll find bonus stages and special stages made with ChaoSaX-Stage. Currently, there is only one stage.
My site is online! Currently, you can download my tools. I'll try to put the messageboard as soon as possible. It's an Ikonboard messageboard.