Hacking Guides

Hacking Guides

Welcome to the SSRG Sonic Hacking guides! The goal of these guides is to create a central repository of hacking information for the Sonic ROM hacking community. These documents have been compiled by outstanding researchers in our community, and will be of aid in doing just about anything you would want with your Sonic the Hedgehog games!

Sonic 1 Hacking

Cyan and Saxman had teamed up to create this section, which houses many notes on editing Sonic the Hedgehog 1 for Genesis/Megadrive, a great read.

Authors: Cyan, Saxman
Website: English (12-02-01)
Website: French (12-02-01)

Word Format: English ()

Esrael has created his own updated version of the Sonic 1 Hacking Guide. Contains some juicy content..

Author: Esrael
Website: English (08-10-02)
Website: Portuguese (08-10-02)

Word Format: English (08-04-02)
Word Format: Portuguese (08-10-02)

Sonic 1 Game Gear Hacking

Chaos has made some great breakthrough in Sonic 1 Gamegear hacking. Read about them in here!

Author: David "Chaos" Declerck
Website: (English) (09-01-02)

Word Format: English (09-01-02)
Word Format: English (Save State Hacking) (09-01-02)

Sonic 2 & Knuckles Hacking

Esrael has been busy creating his own Sonic 2 Hacking Guide. Unlike other guides, this guide incorperates data in lock-on Sonic 2 with S&K!

Author: Esrael
Website: English (08-10-02)
Website: Portuguese (08-10-02)

Word Format: English (08-04-02)
Word Format: Portuguese (08-10-02)

Sonic 2 ßeta Hacking

This guide, compiled by a team effort Esrael, Nayr and LocalH, contains various notes on hacking the Pre-release Sonic 2 that has surfaced on the net. Makes a great companion to the Sonic 2 Final guide, as there are other interesting things to be done with this game.

Author: Esrael, Nayr & LocalH
Website: English (11-28-02)
Website: Portuguese (11-28-02)

Word Format: English (11-28-02)
Word Format: Portuguese (11-28-02)

Sonic 3K Hacking

David Declerck creates a guide telling us how to edit Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles! This is another great resource for anyone planning on expanding on the original Sonic games.

Author: David Declerck
Website: English (09-09-02)

Word Format: English (09-01-02)

Lock-On Technology Hacking

In the past, there had been much speculation over how Sega's "Lock-On Technology" worked, and why a working ROM of Sonic 2 and Knuckles could not be created. Inside are notes that Andy (AKA No Carrier) has compiled from himself and others on this subject.

Author: Andy Wolan
Website: English (04-10-01)
Website: French (12-30-00)
Website: Italian (04-10-01)
Website: Spanish (12-30-00)

Word Format: None

Sonic CD Hacking

This section houses resources and info necesary for editing Sonic CD for the PC. If customizing that game is your thing, this is the place to be.

Author: Jan Abaza
Website: English (03-18-01)

Word Format: None

Sonic Studium/Crackers Hacking

This section plays host to a few notes on editing "Sonic Crackers", a game that is presumed to be unreleased, but is rather an early build of Knuckles' Chaotix. It is currently inactive, but the current content may still interest you.

Website: English (08-05-01)

Word Format: None

Sonic Spinball Hacking Guide

Atomic Orange takes a crack at hacking Sonic Spinball. Check out this new and promising hacking project.

Author: Atomic Orange
Website: English (07-09-02)

Word Format: None

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