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S2ME is a large-scale hack of Sonic 2, with all-new levels and more! The team is doing a great job, check it out!

  • S2ME Home Page (10-01-02)

    Mystic's fantastic Sonic 2 hack, Sonic2z is presented here! All levels are being modified, and so far are challenging and very fun; It's definitely worth a look.

  • Sonic2z Home Page (09-16-02)

    Yuski presents his nifty Sonic 1 hack here, sporting new levels and challenges for the newcomer to this game, Mighty the Armadillo..

  • Mighty the Armadillo Home Page (04-22-02)

    The famous Esrael has amazed many with his ability to modify the most interesting things in our Sonic 2 "beta" and Sonic 1 as well. Within, you will find his marvelous Sonic 2 Delta hack, along with his own personal S1 and S2B hacking guides, which we will soon be integrating with the official SSRG guides. (Currently Portuguese only)

  • Esrael's Home Page (featuring Sonic 2 Delta) (12-17-02)

    A new ROM hackng project by SMTP.
  • S2SMTP (11-20-02)

    A new ROM hackng project by bfrenz.
  • BF Hack (12-12-02)

  • Projects: Mix

    Mac users, looking for software to help you with your Genesis ROM's? Or do you need a new screen saver to dress up your computer? Then you've found a place to start. Here you can find some Macintosh programs for a few things, such as locking-on your Sonic and Knuckles ROM, or converting dreamcast DCI files for uploading onto a web page.

  • Sonic Blur's MAC Apps (06-18-02)

  • Essential! Not only is this the premium Sonic Underground / Sonic Le Rebelle fan and resource site on the net, it is also home to several inevitable and far-reaching projects headed by Cyan Helkaraxe. The Debug-O-Matic II, Sonic 1 beta hoax ROM, and the fabulous ROM copier, are just some of the many fascinating projects found on this site.

  • The UnderGround Zone (No Time Stamp)

  • David Declerck brings to us his excellent "ChaoSaX" tools, specializing in Sonic 3 and Knuckles, but also providing a host of functionality for editing other games in the series as well.

  • The ChaoSax Tools Homepage (10-20-02)

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