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Yawn, more Sonic 2 Beta stuff....

Yet more Beta pictures, stuff and rarities...

Hidden High Scores in Hidden Palace!!

Look at the screenshot of Hidden Palace carefully. Anything wrong? Yes, the score is incredibly high! It boggles the mind! This is not a hoax!! Bahamut Dragons sent me this screenshot and instructions on how to get it.

"Go in Hidden Palace Zone, in beta, and start by a sonic spin (down and "a" I  mean). Advance to the enemy and you'll die. When you're dead (sonic falling), jump. Tails will jump and hit the enemy for about 970000 points. With three lives, that makes... A LOT!"

A Zone taken out of a crappy Game Gear game!?

Yes, it's true. There was a zone that was taken out of GG Sonic 2. Well, at least I think that's what it is. Rocket was nice enough to send me this picture below and here's what he had to say about it:

"I forgot this one. It is a beta snapshot of Sonic 2 for Game Gear. I know GG games aren't nearly as exiting as Genesis games (including anything beta or alpha), but I thought I would send this anyway. Here it is. Once again, it is off of a poster of mine. This time, the level isn't reconizable, but it could posibly be a VERY early Hil Top/Sky High level or Green Hills level."


Very Cool Game Geine Codes for Sonic 2 Beta!

SonicSecretLab3212 sent in these cool game genie codes a while ago I can't run Genecyst under Windows 2000 so i have to assume they work let me know if they don't.

Hidden Palace - ACLA-ATD4 - You need to have level select, and debug or you will fall into water and die
and select DEATH EGG

Wood Zone - ACLA-AECY - You will need debug because VERY few parts are programmed. In level select go to Emerald Hill Zone 1. Notice that the life counter has 'TAILS' Crammed up with no life number. There are no rings or enemies but it is easy to die and it seems like a very glitchy Emerald Hill.