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Secret Zone Music

These WAV files were recorded from the Sound Test Screen, numbers 83, 84 and 8E of a beta copy of Sonic 2. These are earlier versions of some well known Sonic tunes. These tunes are not found in the normal version of  Sonic 2.

Sound Test Number 83
This is very similar to the music of Wing Fortress Zone.
Download Sound Test 83 (271kb)
Download MIDI version (created by EspioKaos)
Sound Test Number 84
This is the music from the different Casino Night Zone. It is easily recognisable, yet completely different to the other Casino Night music.
Download Sound Test 84 (312kb)
Download MIDI version (created by Loony Mike using Gym2Mid)
Beta Casino Night MIDI Submitted By A.J. Freda
Sound Test Number 8E
This is the Boss Music we've all heard, yet why is it so slow and deep?? Why!?!
Download Sound Test 8E (318kb)
Download MIDI version (created by EspioKaos)

Click here to find out why the music is so slow!!

Shown below is the cartridge cover from my an amazing beta copy of Sonic 2 and a picture of the actual cartridge! Amazing! Fantastic! Spectacular!

Picture Information

In the picture of the cartridge cover (above), only two of the screenshots are from Sonic 2, which is quite strange. Out of the other three, one is from Green Hill Zone and the other two are from Marble Zone. Another strange thing is that on the right hand side of the cover, there is a picture of the cover of the real Sonic 2 in the background. Apparently, the Japanese writing means "This is Sonic 2".  and below is a picture of the cartridge.

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