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Sonic Fan Made Games

From a small site to a big community, Sonic Fan Games HQ has over 750 megabytes full of gaming goodness! Webmastered by Rlan, this collection of "Fan Games" grows by the day. Including Sprites, Demos, Backgrounds, Tutorials, Add-ons, there is an unlimited amount of fun to be had in the SFGHQ.

  • Sonic Fan Made Games (No time stamp)

  • Suggested Links

    Every six months, an online expo is held to show off fan-created Sonic the Hedgehog games. This generally happens every September and March, be sure to check it out when it rolls aruond again!
  • SAGE

  • An index of cheat codes for a majority of the Sonic the Hedgehog games.
  • Sonic the Hedge Cheat Codes

  • The sister site to SSRG. This is a huge database of current events, projects, news, and more in the hacking scene.
  • Sonic Hacking Community

  • Looking for a good general Sonic the Hedgehog site? Look no further!
  • Sonic Headquarters

  • By far the best site for MP3s, animations, AoStH cartoons, and more!
  • SSNTails.Org

  • Looking for Sonic the Hedgehog ROMS? This site has a complete selection of all the Sonic the Hedgehog ROMs for all non-CD systems.
  • SonicRoms.Co.Uk (Formerly SonicRoms.Org)

  • And finally... Do you have a nose for news? Hop on over to the Super Sonic Zone for Sonic scene news
  • The Super Sonic Zone

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