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August 1999 News

(8-27-99) KaosLord strikes again and posts an Italian mirror of the main page of SSRG. You can view it from the link on top of the site.

If you havn't heard already, the Emulation Zone, a sister site to SSRG, turns 3 years old tomarrow. You can check out what's going on there at

(8-26-99) If you havn't been to Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog lately, then you haven't seen their new layout. It's still under construction, but looks like it might become something groovy shortly.

Kaoslord has begun work on the Italian mirror of the site. He is starting with Tom's Hacking page first instead of the main page. (hopefully he'll get to it later.) In any event, you can access it here.

3 new messages board have been added. I'll have more info about them tomarrow since I'm out-of time for tonight. Each board will have a moderator. (Not me.)
New Sonic Secrets Board
New Fan Gaming Board
New RSonic ROM Hacking Board

(8-21-99) Cyan has released a Sonic 1 Bonus Level/Maze editor. Change the levels around to your hearts content is on usage of this neato editor. This editor is also the first editor for Sonic 1. You can grab it off of Cyan's Underground Zone here at SSRG.

(8-16-99) Wiseman is on vacation, but he emailed me some Sonic ROM hacking utilities. You can snag them here. It adds 35h to each byte so you easily pick-out any ASCII text in the file. Once you made some modifications, run another utility to subtract 35 from each bytes. Read his "howtouse.txt" in the archive. They also include teh source code, just like with Bart's utility collection.

JFT has completed the French mirror of Area51. That means that site is now available in English, Spanish and now French! Enjoy!

(8-15-99) Manic has informed me that his site, the "Underground Zone," will be in full operation on the 'Zone server shortly. He will also be in the "contruction" phase of his ROM copier design. I am currently holding off building Rizzo's design at the moment to see what Manic comes-up with. Either way, I still have to wait for my edge connector to come in before I can do any real soldering.

(8-14-99) I have Wiseman's maginize Sonic 3 beta scans from a Spanish gaming magizine. Snag them here. They will be posted on Andre's page shortly. Here's a discription of the files in the archive:

S3B1.JPG        Sonic 3 Beta: Normal stage but Sonic 2 sprites
S3B2.JPG        Sonic 3 Beta: Sonic 2 sprites and weird palette
ORIGINAL.BMP    Sonic 3 Final: The same place shown in S3B2.JPG

EvilRyu has finshed impliementing the last of Wiseman's Spanish text translation of Area51. It has been posted. Big thinks goes to Wiseman and Evilryu for the help.

(8-13-99)If you have not heard the word, Benard Stolar, a big wheel of Sega of America, is gone! For full news coverage, visit The Super Sonic Zone. You can also view my opinions about this situation on TSSZ as well.

Despite to what Daniel Russel claims, Rlan did not hack his site, nor is Rlan leaving the 'Zone to goto Geocities. (A suicidal move, just ask SonicHQ.) In fact, the posting supposively made by Rlan which states that he is "leaving to go to GeoCities" was actually made by Daniel. Need proof? Check the IP address on the bogus Rlah post to that of Daniel's posts on the Sonic FanGame HQ message board. I will not supply a link to Daniel's page because I do not wish to support someone's cheap attempt at getting attension. And Daniel, you are only shooting yourself in the foot by doing this.

(8-12-99)Matt's Sonic2K@Home page has been discontinued. Lack of contribution to the Sonic Community is his cheif reason for leaving. More info at his page.

(8-11-99) Manic has released his secret encoded text editing utilitiy. It was the same one he used to create his Sonic 1 Beta hoax. Snag the file here. Manic will also be moving completing his move to the mighty Emulation Zone server shortly.

(8-9-99)The new version of the Lock-On Technology Hacking Documentation that everyone has been waiting so anxiously for is out! You can grab it off the newly redesigned S&K Lock-On Technology Hacking Page.
Note: all information concerning the Sonic 1 3D game can be found in that doc.

(BART) Bart Trzynadlowski has informed me that he is undergoing a Sonic hacking project of his own. What will it be about? I don't know. It's a "shush shush" project at the moment.

Bart (as in Bart Trzynadlowski) has informed me that he created yet another Sonic 2 hacking utility. More info at WEMU

There's a new debug-mode enabling app on the 'Net. You can grab the executable here and the Read-me as well. More word at WEMU

(Old News) I posted a homemade MPEG Movie on Sonic Adventure LE on the site. Check it out!

A Portugus mirror of the SSRG site has been layouted. However, don't expect it to be release until September at the earlist. It will be headed by Sephiroth of 'Zone and DarkNes DOS fame.

I have finished my probe on Andre Dirk and the "email bombing" campine. My results can be found here.

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