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September 1999 News

(9-10-99) Sega screws up again! Their Dreamcast launch was succesful, but Sonic Adventure wasn't for people who ordered dirrect from Sega. Sega released shocking news that half of their Sonic Adventure GD-Roms were faulty. I don't see the end coming anytime soon, but they are really pushing it!

The Utilities Archive is up, but the programs aren't. I still need extra time to gather them. So, please be pacient.

(9-9-99) Sega Dreamcast is out today in the states! So, if you want one right away and you haven't reserved a copy yet, get to the store ASAP because they will definatly be packed with hundreds of people dying to get their copy for a few days.

SSRG will be going through some minor phase changes such as section grouping, new sections such as the all new Utilities Archive, and more. I believe this will reflect on things to make newbies more at home and able to find their interests.

Cyans new level viewer is almost done so far. I was specially picked to beta test it (sorry, not a public beta)! It looks great so far and hardly buggy at all! I will have more info on it soon.

Yes, there were some technical problems earlier such as no auto detection updates, etc. I am happy to inform you that it is fixed now! This happened when the output (compiled page) overwrote the original script. Good thing there was a backup!

(9-8-99) The SSRG group is now officially headed by Saxman (me)! I hope I can give off the same feel of the site that Andy gave it in addition to new stuff just waiting to happen. If you don't believe I can handle it, then thats your opinion. You have to give everybody a chance first. So, I hope everyone feels at home here as they always have before!


  • Bart has released a new version of his Sonic Spinball savestate editor. This new version allows you to change levels.Download release 2.

  • New Utility - Bart has released yet another editor. His latest edits genecyst savestates of Sonic Spinball. All you can do it changethe score and number of lives remaining. Download here. Bart is also working on a new version. Except a newer version shortly.

  • New Head - After many hours of lost sleep, heavy thinking and putting the voting booth results into consideration, I have desided to select Saxman as the new head of the SSRG site. The main modivation that ultimatly lead me to select him was the fact that he is better at public relations of the three canidates. And if I learned anything from my vacation this week, it was that comunication is the lifeline that keeps a company going forward. There are many examples which I won't go into.

    So, with this in mind, I would like to congradulate Saxman as the new head of the group. He will be taking control fo the site shortly. However, I will still remain as overseer to assure that curruption does not set in while a level of quality is assured to the public. I don't expect this to occur, but I'll be around to correct it if it does.

    (9-4-99) I added SaxMan (Daniel Grove) to the voting due to popular demand. People were split between Andre and Stealth, (12/17) so maybe the addition of Saxman will narrow the playing field?!?

    (9-3-99) Whenever I go on vacation, something screwy always happens to the site. So, I decided to go on a "secret" vacation this time by not informing anyone that I was leaving for the week. Well, I guess I can shoot that theory to hell. Simon Wi, (it's always the person you least suspect,) of the infamous Sonic 2 Beta page left the SSRG staff. He deleted everything of his off the server and left nothing behind, which includes a resignation letter or even a explaination on why he left.

    From what I was told, he was not happy with the "unification" concept of the SSRG group. This comes as a big shock to me because I asked him point blank in at least one SSRG staff meeting and he mentioned that he though it was a good idea. Now, he has left the group so he could break out of our collaberation effort to work on an independant site. Is this a good thing? Well, let me ask you this, is it a good investment of time to duplicate someone elses efforts? Do we need 5 sites covering the same material or is one central "data bank" more appropriate?

    My main modivation to unify the Sonic Hacking scene was to co-ordiate efforts of fellow hackers so work could get completed at a more rapid pace. I don't mind if someone want to leave the SSRG group to work on their own. After all, joining is completely volenteery, so succeeding from the SSRG "union" is always an option, I just choose not to see t exersized.

    In any event, I had a surprise waiting for Simon when he got back from his vacation. You see, next week, I start my senior year at UMass. I will definatly have less time to work on the site, so it would be wise to pass control to someone else who would have the time. I have been thinking abuot a successor for some time now. I originally picked Stealth, but the staff was divided 50/50 on weather or not he would make a good leader.

    Which completed zone in Sonic 2Z do you like the best?
    Teal Isles Zone
    Jersey Shores Zone
    Autumn Lakes Zone
    Blue Horizon Zone
    After weeks of though, I desided I would choose Simon to become the new head. I was going to wait until he got back from vacation, but I guess he had other plans. In anyevent, it's time to choose someone else since the clock is ticking. On the right, you will see a voting booth. Vote for who you would like to see takeover the SSRG group or email me a SSRG staff member or anyone in the Sonic community who is highly respect whom you would like to see added to list. Polls close in two weeks. I will also hold a second election if the numbers are close. So don't worry if your top pick does not get in on time.

    (8-27-99) KaosLord strikes again and posts an Italian mirror of the main page of SSRG. You can view it from the link on top of the site.

    If you havn't heard already, the Emulation Zone, a sister site to SSRG, turns 3 years old tomarrow. You can check out what's going on there at

    (8-26-99) If you havn't been to Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog lately, then you haven't seen their new layout. It's still under construction, but looks like it might become something groovy shortly.

    Kaoslord has begun work on the Italian mirror of the site. He is starting with Tom's Hacking page first instead of the main page. (hopefully he'll get to it later.) In any event, you can access it here.

    3 new messages board have been added. I'll have more info about them tomarrow since I'm out-of time for tonight. Each board will have a moderator. (Not me.)
    New Sonic Secrets Board
    New Fan Gaming Board
    New Sonic ROM Hacking Board

    Old News
    Cyan's Sonic 1 Bonus Level/Maze editor. Download.
    (View the end of the file witha hex editor.)

    Wiseman's Text editor. Download. It adds 35h to each byte so you easily pick-out any ASCII text in the file. Once you made some modifications, run another utility to subtract 35 from each bytes. Read the "howtouse.txt" for more info. Includes source code.

    Wiseman's Sonic 3 beta scan from Spanish gaming magizine. download.

    Manic's secret encoded text editing utilitiy. Used to create the Sonic 1 hoax. download.

    The new version of the Lock-On Technology Hacking Documentation that everyone has been waiting so anxiously for is out! You can grab it off the newly redesigned S&K Lock-On Technology Hacking Page.
    Bart's (as in Bart Trzynadlowski) Sonic 2 hacking utility. More info at WEMU

    Bart's debug enabling app on the 'Net. download.

    I posted a homemade MPEG Movie on Sonic Adventure LE on the site. Check it out!

    Probe on Andre Dirk and the "email bombing" campine. download.

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