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November 2000 News

  • NEOalpha/s2b is the lucky 150,000 visit by default. I mention by default because the image he email me was cut-off. Since no one else has claimed to be that visitor, NEOalpha/s2b wins by default.

  • We are comming close to the 150,000th visitor on SSRG. If you happen to get on SSRG and you find that you are the 150,000th visitor, e-mail either me or Andy the news including a screenshot proving this.

  • After being quite for several months, the SonicAds section comes back to life with the addition of a dozen ads! Check it out!

  • Well, the custom levels contest is over now. I just need to look at all the entries and hopefully within a the next few weeks, the winners will be announced.

    As a side note, yesterday was not only the last day for custom levels, but as mentioned on the custom levels page, it was also the birthday of Sonic 2! The game which made Genesis/Mega Drive sales boost WAY up is now 8 years old.

  • LeXeF has notified me that him, as well as and a few friends have created a Sonic based IRC server. If you have mIRC or any other IRC client programs, you should check out It's pretty new at the moment.

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Stuff your faces with whatever you choose because now is the time that food is offered in respect and honor to which we are thankful for. Bless this wonderful holiday.

  • AGES v0.23a has been released on the AGES page. This release speeds up Sega CD emulation a great amount, improves compatibilitie with Sega CD games slightly, and a few other improvements.

  • The SSRG Utilities Archive has been updated with the new version of SonED as well as a new version of Sonic HackingWiz Pro. While, Stealth's description will fully fit the new version of SonED, the new version of Sonic HackingWiz Pro adds a Sonic 3 special stage editor. If you haven't heard about Sonic HackingWiz Pro, you should know that it can also combine SK with another ROM (as well as repair dirty SK ROM's) and it can edit the Sonic 1 level select screen text strings. Both utilities are must-get utilities.

  • Stealth here again. I finally found out how to use this thing again :P. I just wanted to mention that SonED, my Sonic the Hedgehog ROM/Save-State editor, has been updated for the second time since it's revival a few days ago. This update (along with correcting the problem that caused the last one not to run, sorry about that!) adds tile and palette editing. Head over to Organized Chaos and check it out! Also, be sure to give me any comments you have!

  • Now that the custom levels contest is almost over, I have another offering for the public. This is a CD which will have 100 levels on it. This is a chance for the public to make a little profit by creating levels for it. Please read this page for more information.

  • Sonic Team Jr. has been working on Sonic Robo Blast II for nearly 2 now. Finally though, they have released the first demo of SRBII. You can get it on the STJR Downloads Page.

  • I haven't received many custom levels from people for the Sonic Custom Level Contest. Time is running out. I will be ending the contest November 24th. So, if you want to enter the contest, you still have a good chance left -- might as well take it.

  • I have released v0.60 of my FAQ entitled "Sonic ROM Editing for Beginners". It is avalible here. This should finally crack down on the number of confused people who just don't understand the world of ROM hacking and hex editing. Pass this link around to help ensure that nobody is left out of the wonderful world of hex editing again.

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