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November 2001 News

  • EDIT: I have uploaded two more tilesets. They are CNZ and DHZ/MCZ.

    Another tileset will be up soon... wood zone! With the arival of new tilesets I am considering adding two things to SLEEP. Support for SHWP tilesets (to help SLEEP grow) and simple tileset compression.

    - Tristan Penman

  • Its a miracle, the save state archive has been updated. Count 'em four new SMS/GG savesates. I had to open a new section for them the SMS/GG Misc. section. So check it out

    - Striker

  • I have the original album that the song "Sweet Sweet Sweet" (the song Sonic 2's ending theme was based on) is included in, and it was requested that I upload it as an MP3 in full quality, so here it is. Please read this post and download it from the link contained therein.

    - Stealth

  • Quick, minor update. Sonic and Knuckles Collection seems to be a semi-hot topic on the Area51 board (this includes it's music), so I've uploaded a complete set of the music (in MiDi format) ripped DIRECTLY from the game itself, which can be gotten here.

    Also, on the subject of it's music being different from the Genesis/MD version (and controversy over it's music in Japan), I've made this post.

    Hope the post clears up a little of this, and enjoy the MiDis!

    - Stealth

  • I have posted SLEEP v1.0 at my site ( fixed all the major bugs I have found, and several tilesets are available to download.

    - Tristan Penman

  • We have awarded 3 people the title of 1000th hit at Sonic 2 Millennium Edition. Go to the website now to see the awards in full glory.

    Also, there may be a new Bio Speedway palette coming your way soon. Stay tuned!

    - sth2k

  • EDIT: We have two new 1000th hitters on the S2ME site! Coming to the site...soon...

    - sth2k

  • Well, it seems my update about the Sonic Emmy awards has dissapeared... Ehh.

    The third annual Sonic Emmy Awards have been underway for a few days now, and the SSRG is nominated for the third time in a row under several categories. Can we win the awards again? It all comes down to your votes.

    Also, I've made a semi-big update concerning my own projects. Mettrix gets bugfixes and more programs and documentation concerning level editing, and even a full rewrite on the main readme file. Also new images and music are posted, as well as a new user-level, and the return of an old one that's been fixed to work with Demo 3. There's even a link to a very early version of the Windows port of SonED on the news on the main page. Be sure and check it out, and if you like them, remember that both of those projects are also nominees for categories in the Emmy awards! :P

    Two months to go, it'll be interesting to see how these things turn out this year.

    - Stealth

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