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February 2002 News

  • The Sonic 2 Beta EZboard is ad-free until September, thanks to the help of a few contributions to give it another 6 months of CSC Gold (who says all EZboards have to hit you in the face with annoying popups?).

    Please stop by for a visit, and check out the Sonic 2 Beta Store while you are there.

    - Pelord

  • If you have been having problems with the new SonED .21, please read this message.

    - Stealth

  • SonED has been updated today to version .21, bringing four new features, namely support for all known Genesis ROM formats, ROM header correction, editing CNZ's triangle bumpers, and customizeable object descriptions along with images of objects visible within the editor! For more info, please visit the Organized Chaos main page

    - Stealth

  • Updates that've been in queue for a bit (I had been hoping to take care of alot of stuff at once, oh well) have now surfaced.

    First, the link to the Area51 messageboard has been corrected to point to the new ikonboard. I personally find these things much better than EZBoard, especially with.. *cough* certain ads that kept popping up.. That and the server constantly going down. The board is now located on our own server, so if we're up, it will be up

    Lastly, we have two new additions: Yuski the dog, for his Mighty the Armadillo hack, and Esrael, for his Sonic 2 Delta hack. We welcome them aboard, and bring with their entry a new section to the site listing, the "Rom Hacks" section. We now have enough of these for them to get a unique section, and I believe more are on their way.

    By the way, if you have a hack (ROM or Save-State) that you want to share, please submit it to the SSRG Hacks Archive.

    - Stealth

  • Just to let you know i finally added a message board to the savestate archive and i have a week free of CSS, so start posting. also a pre-release of s2me will be coming tommorow or monday.

    - Striker

  • News script has been repaired. (No more insulting taglines. :-)

    - Andy

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