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March 2001 News

  • I have released a small ßETA version of my to-be-finished Sonic 2 Title Card editor. Here are some things that are currently implemented.

    Features in the editor:
    Supports modification of ALL of the zone titles. (Note that each zone has a different amount of unique characters allowed and amount of characters allowed, excluding spaces)

    Bugs in the editor:
    Changing some titles causes others to mess up. If this happens, simply change the one that messed up and it will be fixed.

    Download it by Clicking Here!

    - Gerbil

  • A new minor release of Sonic HackingWiz Pro has been released. Version 1.10 has a Sonic & Knuckles Collection hacking utility. Currently, you can edit the Sonic 3 special stages. (Yes, the S&K stages are also compressed, just like in the ROM.) The next version may have a preview of the SaxASM assembler that I'm working on. SaxASM is an assembler version of Sax patches (goto The Sonic Hacking Community for information).

    - Gerbil

  • Finally! The long-awaited Sonic HackingWiz Pro Version 1.00 (formerly known as Build or ßETA 18) has been released! Here are some of the new features.

    The individual hacking utilites have been split up into several files. Only the files needed are loaded into memory.

    Many bugs have been fixed, including the annoying RINGS bug in the Sonic 1/2/3 savestate hacking utility.

    You can get Sonic HackingWiz Pro v1.00 at Gerbil's Sonic Hacking Website.

    If you find any bugs in Version 1.00, please email me at

    - Gerbil

  • The XTeam website has received a facelift, and right in time for S.A.G.E. as well. Check it out.

    - Andy

  • For anyone who is interested in exploring how things look like behind the scenes at EmulationWorld,(our host,) check out this tour.

    - Andy

  • For those who think the current layout of the SonicAds section is lacking, check-out the proposed new layout. Send comments to me a We would like to know what you think about it.

    - Andy

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