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March 2002 News

  • The main directory of SSRG has been restored, and the two SSRG subsectiosn that were deleted, (Sonic Blur's site and the ROM Hack Archive,) have also been restored. Stealth's website has also been restored. Thanks goes out to Brian for restoring the deleted directories from the backup device.

    - Andy (Retired)

  • Apparantly, Ikonboards are said to have "security problems" (search for the word "ikonboard" here for details), and this has caused our server admin at ZTNet to go nuts and remove whatever ikonboards they find. My own board and the A51 one, although all there in the FTP, have been disabled. It is currently unknown whether this has anything to do with the two sites being deleted or not, but it's possible.

    Anyway, As for the Area51 board, I have reopened the old EZBoard, and Sonic_Tsunami has set up a "backup" board, although you'll have to look for it in this thread on the EZBoard, because it appears that linking to ikonboards runs the risk of getting the site with the link taken down.

    Organized Chaos will still be down for a little bit, and other things will still be broken. Bear with us, we're trying to pick up the pieces

    - Stealth

  • SSRG was hacked! Damage details of the attack are beinging to trickle in. What is know right now is that the main directory of SSRG was deleted, along with a folder on Tristan's TSSZ site. More info to come.

    - Andy (Retired)

  • Sonic 2 Ultima, another promising Sonic 2 hack, has joined our ranks today. Be sure to check it out!

    - Stealth

  • SonED .26 has been released today, including the Tile/Palette editor, support for Sonic 2 "Beta", and more. Check out this thread for more details

    - Stealth

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2Z v.0.40 is now out. Now Aquatic Ruins Zone is complete, and other minor fixes abound. If you haven't tried Sonic 2Z, I'd suggest trying it, especially if you like insane challenge. Enjoy.

    - Mystic

  • Hey everyone, i finally finished s2me 0.80. In this release there's tons of fixes and i finished bio speedway act 2 and its pretty good. I also gave htz a new pallete. It's now Snow top zone, at night. there's also allot of other small fixes. One other thing next release i will be adding levels. Yes you read right add levels. After learning the format of the level order, theoreiticaly it is possible to add level and there 2 level that are not in game play....WZ and HTZ. Wood zone wont be too bad but htz will have tons of work. By then i will aslo have soned, so expext the next release tobe one heck of a release. In mean time check out ver. 0.80.

    - Striker

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