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April 2000 News

  • It's here! (But not up in full operation just yet.) Check out the new Sonic Ad's section below. It will have a collection of Sonic the Hedgehog based TV ads from all the games. You will also be able to earn cash rewards if you have a recorded commercial that we don't have. (More info to come!)

  • Some of you have wondered about the SSRG Radio. I must say, it still is in works. It is about 35% complete at the moment. Yeah, you probley expected more, but it's better than when the project started! Anyway, I ask of you not to give up hope as this is one project that I will NOT drop (as I did to many other announced projects for SSRG).

  • (Stealth)
    Just a quick note, I got that Sonic MegaCD yesterday. How many doubted me? Anyway, if you've bought a copy from me, please E-Mail me ASAP just so I'm sure. More info on this should be coming to my page soon, so if you're curious about it, just check back there later.

  • Is has come to my attention that Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta Page is down. Does anyone know what happened to the site? If so, email Andy.

  • If you have a pre-release version of Sonic Adventure and would like to sell it, please email Andy Wolan. This also applies to the pre-release version that "Hollywood Video" used over the summer of 1999.

  • Congradulations to Dr. Zac for being visitor #70,000. Who will be lucky visitor #80,000? Maybe it will be you? Check the counter each time you visit!

  • I would like to announce the new head of the Sonic Ads section: LocalH! He will be getting started shortly with the section. In the mean time, if you know where we can get our hands on any Sonic the Hedgehog TV commercials, let me or LocalH know. We have many Japanese ones, but not too many English ones.

  • It's me, Rocket/Saxman. I am back (for the third time) as my hard drives partitioning tabels got screwed up. I really hope this is the last incedent that happens to me as I seem to always get the computer problems and half the time it isn't even my fault! Oh well, I am back and I guess that is all that matters. Also, if you sent me any e-mail, you might want to send it again as a lot of it was lost.

  • Two things to report:

    * The staff page has been update. Thanks goes out to Saxman and Zac for creating it.

    * Due to school work and some personal matters, I will have to delay the annoucement of the new maintainer of the SonicAds section of the site.

  • (Stealth)
    The new 32x emulator, AGES, does run Chaotix, although some people may not know exactly how to do this, and it runs horrendously slow. If you do want to use it to run Chaotix, you will need your rom to be in the .BIN format (so if it is SMD, use UCON to convert it), and then change the extension to .32X manually. After that, in AGES' load menu, you will need to use the drop down menu to select 32x roms instead of Genesis roms.
    Also, a few of you have been asking me when I will get that Sonic CD. I do not know, but I expect it to take at least a week and a half, as the money is barely on its way to me.
    I also found out why my updates got deleted; I wasnt using the script to write them, so that's not a problem anymore.

  • Looks likes ANOTHER 32x emulator has entered arena. This time, this emulator is told to work with Knuckles Chaotix! The emulator has yet to be released, but a release appears to be eminent.

    Get the lastest from WEMU.

  • (4-11-2000)

    Success! I've secured the older copy of the Sonic CD Pre-release, which we're probably all assuming to be the 'best'. The newer copy though, shot way too high to bother with, there isn't much time left and I barely raised enough money for this one. But dont be discouraged, the newer copy was released only 2 days before the official japan release, so if you were looking for anything even slightly special, you may have been disappointed anyway. Thanks though to everyone that helped me, and if you missed the opportunity to offer toward the original purchase, you can still buy a copy off me. As I said, I was barely able to get it, and I still have a bit of expenses in passing around the copies. Not much else to say right now, because I'm on my way out, but if i get any kind of info today I'll be updating again.


    You know, it sucks when they keep erasing my updates, especially that one. If they do that again, please notify me and anyone else involved immediately, I'm going to have to talk to them about that. Anyway, keep those pledges coming, I've almost got enough offers to be sure that I'll get the earliest release. The second still has two more days to go up in price though, ugh. A big thank you to everyone who's already mailed me about that. Now, on another note, I recieved a letter from Saxman today, telling me where he is. His computer suddenly went screwy for some reason he can't figure out, and he can't fix it on his own without losing alot of important files, so he's sent it in to a repair shop and is waiting for them to fix it. Seems like he gets all the bad computer luck...

  • Thanks to everyone for the buttons "Lock On Technology" button submitions. The one I like best was created by Scott Jones. Therefore, that button has been uploaded to the site. Take a look at it by scrolling down to the "Lock-On Technology Hacking" section of the site.

  • Anyone interested in creating a new button icon for the "Lock-On Technolgy Hacking Guide" please email Andy. The button I have on there right now is getting old and could use a little polishing-up.

    Also, keep those resumes for the Sonic Ad section coming. I will try to get through all the resumes next week, and try to name the person who will get the position by the following weekend.

  • Hay Knuckles Chaotix fans, listen. The first Sega 32X emulator has been released! For more information, head on down to WEMU. I have yet to try it out, but word has it that it's not a fake.

  • Hi everyone, Andy here with some important news concerning a bright future for SSRG. For the past week, Saxman and myself have been in negotiations with SEGA over the rights of SSRG. Last night, we came to an agreement to sell the rights to SEGA for $150,000.

    The entire SSRG web site will be moving to SEGA.COM. ( to be exact.) We have been assured that none of the current sections will be removed unless Saxman or myself do so. In fact, both of us will still be in charge of the website after the move is complete. The SSRG staff will have access to the server, so none of your favorite sections will fall victim to becoming out-of date.

    As for the money, we will be distributing it fairly among SSRG staff members. The move will begin in a few weeks. We will keep you posted.

    Happy April Fools Day Everybody!! (We boggled the minds of a few people on this one.)

  • Sonic Robo Blast 2 v0.95 has been released today. You can get it from the Sonic Team Jr homepage. This release is by far more impressive with its new levels and features. So, go ahead and grab it.

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