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August 2002 News

  • Hi everyone! Today, a big update to the S1 SMS hacking guide: you can now edit level art. I also converted all the notes to make the GG version of this hacking guide. Have fun!

    - Chaos, or David Declerck, if you prefer...

  • I shall state officially that the website "" and it's webmaster Saxman are no longer part of nor our host ZTNET. The reasons for his departure are discussed here.

    - Andy

  • Just to set the matter straight.

    1) I beleive I know the identity of who this "hacker" is.
    2) This person is not a hacker. If this person was a real hacker, they would have gained access to my account and brought the server down. All they did was obtain a "public" password to the news script by soliciting the info from someone else. If anything, this person is nothing more than a "script kiddy". Pathetic.
    3) The script kiddy makes Andy laugh at his pathetic attempts and stupid posts of "victory".
    4) Andy wonders if the script kiddy is a fairy.
    5) Spam is quite tasty when fried!

    - - Andy

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