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September 2001 News

  • I am making my public announcement that SLEEP is not going to be continued, ever. Ta-ta.

    - HKS

  • A fellow Sonic hacker, sent me a document containing the format for Sonic 1 title cards. This format is easier than Sonic 2 title cards, so I will create an editor and add it to SHWP.

    The document also contained a hack to enable the "Press Start Button" message when the game starts up, instead of having to enter the code. The hack only works on the EU version of Sonic 1, since the Japanese version was changed around.

    - Gerbil

  • Just a minor update confirming that the Metropolis palette edit has been finished - rather late on coming to the page, but it needed put on sometime! ^_^

    - sth2k

  • Could SLEEP return? Basically, it is up to the visitors of the SSRG and other Sonic sites. Should I bother doing this? Email me with your opinion!. If you want you can just put yes or no in the message.

    If the votes are promising enough, I will continue the project using much faster DirectX or GDI32 code. Your vote will count!

    The only catch is that because of the increased complexity of SLEEP, and the time I will once again have to devote to it... I will have to charge for full versions. Probably USD$10.

    - Tristan Penman

  • Well, SAGE has been on for almost a day and a half, and I've unfortunately been able to do little up to this point, but Organized Chaos' booth DID make it up fully within just a couple of hours from opening time, along with Demo 3 of our game "Sonic: Project Mettrix". If you haven't been there, be sure to check out all the booths. However, virus scan ALL games you download, as I've heard that a few of them do have virii.

    I've been having system problems for the last few days, but now things should be taken care of. If you are a site maintainer here at the SSRG, just a heads-up, but I'm going to be contacting you again soon reguarding the status of your sections. It's about time to get things rolling.

    Till then, have a happy and fun SAGE, everyone!

    - Stealth

  • After many months of inactivity, I decided it would be better to retire. A lot of things happened to me, and now I do not have enough spare time for everything, so I am honestly retiring.

    These years I was in the staff, I was able to learn lots of things, to have my first website published with a quality hosting, to know some cool people, and to understand and enjoy better my favourite saga. I want to say thanks to Andy for giving me the opportunity to do this. I enjoyed working here.

    Goodbye to everyone! I hope the SSRG keeps its natural leadership in the Sonic scene.

    - Wiseman

  • The following changes to the site have been made

    Staff Firings

    Cinos - vanished

    Egguman - Keeps promising to do something... never has. Sad really, considering he has great graphics skills that just need to be fine-tuned for web development.

    Elliotro - Was suppose to maintain the Sonic SB BETA page but let a truck load of info relating to the site go by without doing anything. You little…

    Goon -Was suppose to resume work of his section this summer. It's September and I don't think he has any intentions to continue work. His "Custom Level Archive" will be merged with Rich Roger's "Rom Hacks Archive."

    MetalX & the rest of the Xteam - One whole year and still nothing to show for it.

    Napsonic - Some layout artist. Did nothing.

    Ryu - Not doing a job at a level of quality I was hoping he would do, or even remotely close to.

    Sparx - Begged for site back. Site was given back. Did crap since rejoining. Will continue to do crap.

    Zac - Said he would help out this summer, but vanished. Only reappeared when his account was terminated.

    Staff Exits

    Sonukku - See for explanation

    Saxman - Retired

    Andy W. - Retired

    Site Closures


    Site Exits

    STJR - Leaving for various reasons. Keeping the SRB2 project under one roof will be best for the STJR team.

    Site Suspension

    Spin Ball Beta site - New maintainer needed with Ellitro's exit.

    Cracking the Crackers - New maintainer needed with Sparx's exit.

    New Sites

    S2Me- A promising Sonic 2 Rom hacking project.

    Rsonic - Retro Sonic, from the maintainer of the Sonic CD BETA page.

    - Andy (Retired)

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