Pachuka - The Zealous SSRG Fan

Warning, the language on this site may not be suitable for young viewers.

There is a guy in the Sonic Hacking Community that goes by the alias Pachuka. One can state that Pach is a fan of SSRG for not being afraid to detract from being a typical "fan" site and instead become a "hacking" site. (1) One can even say that he admires SSRG, and thus so created a website with a theme and structure quite similar to that of SSRG.

Though this might appear to be an innocent situation on the surface, his fondness for SSRG eventually turned ugly. There are stories from Hollywood of celebrities being murdered by a crazed fan for no reason other than being a fan. Though murder was never involved, the lunitic behavior was involved. Pach began attacking SSRG and began plotting attempts to cause turmoil within the organization. He even spread lies and rumors to tarnish the images of various staff members for his own personal amusement. (2)

Sadly enough, his tactics eventually succeeded. Many community members were blinded by Pach’s lies and his “rebellious” attitude in regards to a messy situation at SSRG regarding the site and Saxman. As a result, many foolishly retaliated against SSRG and those that helped create the Sonic Hacking Community. It was too much to bear and many became upset for what happened to a community they helped create. Eventually many people, including myself, decided enough was enough and left the community.

Oddly enough, people who retaliated are beginning to realize that they were blinded by Pach’s lies and made a mistake. Some have even approached me to apologize for their behavior.

The purpose of this site is to end the lies and rumors Pachuka has generated regarding SSRG and it’s staff members. It will serve this purpose by responding to the false accusations made by Pachuka and hopefully shed some light on the true nature and psychology of the person known as Pachuka. With this information available publicly, my hope is that people will learn SSRG’s matter of the dilemma and be able to create an informed discussion as to how is correct.

Please note that this site is a work in progress. More info will be added when I have time and when I feel like it.

(1) On the links page to an older version of Pachuka’s site, he had a paragraph of text that praised SSRG for the reasons paraphrased above.
(2) On Pach’s old message board, someone asked Pach a question along the lines "Why are you causing trouble at the message boards and SSRG? His response was along the lines of "because I have nothing better to do and because it’s fun."

Responce to "Main Page"

This first section was originally posted by Pach as a "parity" to this page. He claims he was making fun of this page, but after reading what he wrote it is clear it is more of a response that a parity. (If it’s a parity, why keep the original text I wrote and respond to it?)

Pach’s replies are in bold, while my responses are in italics. Note how childish his replies and comments are, and how he waffles around the fact of the matter. Also note how he makes a sexual comment to me at the end. This "sexual backtalk" theme is repeated in many of his replies and is used by him when he truly has nothing to say in response to something. For example, the webpage containing his response was named "AndyLikeRectalSex.html".

  • Responce to "Main Page" (11-22-02)

  • Responce to "The Saxman"

    Pach apparently read my information about what Saxman did to SSRG and what Pach did within that timeframe as well. He posted a reply on his site that had misinformation or just flat-out lies. Below is a document containing Pach's responce and my rebuttal.
    (The Saxman page is no longer accessable. See "more info" page below for excepts that pertained to Pach.)

  • Responce to "The Saxman" (11-15-02)

  • More Info

    More infomation about Pachuka's behavior in August of 2002 can be found here.

  • More Info (12-21-02)

  • Message Board Hate Thread

    Sometimes I wonder how desperate Pach must be to make me look bad with lies. This time around, Pach creates a thread on his message board to encourage people to say bad things about me instead of actually replying to what I have written. He eventually makes some blatantly obvious lies about me and tries to pass them off.

    What we see here a great example of how Pach tries to rally support for himself by stating lies about someone, namely me, to get them to go against me and support him for being a “hero.” Lets expose this false "hero" for the person whom he really is.

  • MB - Hate Thread (11-27-02)
  • Archiac Ruins Copy of my old S&K Lock-On Technolgy Hacking Guide. (11-27-02)
  • My Original Lock-On Technolgy Hacking Guide (12-20-02)

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