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Welcome to the SSRG Staff Page. This little area is dedicated to the staff members and people that helped SSRG become what it is today. So, without further ado, here is the full list of SSRG staff:

This page is highly out of date. Don't expect it to be updated, ever.

Head Staff

Founder: Andy Wolan/ No Carrier (
Andy is the original site maintainer and also the owner of the Emulation Zone on which SSRG is hosted. In 1997 Andy started up the SSRG with info on Sonic and Knuckles/ Sonic 3 ROM combinations, theories and all sorts of other miscellaneous stuff. In late 1998 he offered to host Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog and the SSRG we all know and love was born. Mid-1999 he redesigned the SSRG to what it is now and then he decided to leave the SSRG because he needed to put more effort into other aspects of his life (and the rest of Emulation Zone), putting Saxman in charge. Although not the maintainer anymore, he still comes back every so often to fix up some things and to do things for SSRG (and he still does the Sonic and Knuckles lock-on technology ROM hacking page).
Co-Founder Stealth (
Stealth has made tons of contributes to SSRG. He is also the creator of excellent DOS Sonic fan games and SonED, an editor for various Sonic games. He has always supported SSRG from the very start and deserves his credit here.

Current Staff

Andy Chantler(
Andy Chatler is currently onboard SSRG as our German mirror maintainer / translator. Andy is probally the only SSRG translator that was born and raised in a country that speaks English!
Atomic Orange(
One of the newest members of SSRG. In charge of the Sonic Spinball Beta page and the Sonic Spinball Hacking Guide.
Cyan Helkaraxe (m a n i c @ e m ul a t i o n z o n e . o r g)
Cyan is in charge of the Underground Zone, with information on "Sonic Underground" and his many, many Sonic hacking tools. He also does several other parts of the SSRG such as the Sonic 1 documents and his Sonic 1 Maze Editor inspired Johnny Moran's Maze Archive. He even created his own ROM copier plans that emphasizes low cost of construction.
Spanish Mirror maintainer.
David Declerck(
In charge of the upcoming Sonic 1 GG,Sonic 3&K and Kncukles Chaotix hacking guides. He is also a French mirror translator for the site.
Esreal (>)
A promising new Sonic ROM hacking to join SSRG. Currently working on the Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 BETA hacking guides, along with his Sonic 2 Delta ROM hack.

Gerbil (

Gerbil is the creator of the famous Sonic HackingWiz Pro and the more advance SHWP-II software programs for Windows. These programs allow a user to tweak settings within a Sonic ROM or savestates that many people have wanted to tweak, but weren't good enough with hacking. SHWP-II extends on the original program and adds more advance features, like a level editor. He has even made a Visual Basic port of Sonic ROM Hacking Station.

Jan Abaza (
Jan created "Sonic the Hedgehog Area 51" (formerly "Odd Sonic the Hedgehog Things"), with tons of info on Sonic secrets that never made it to SoStH and loads of exclusive info on his own uncommon hacking.
Johnny Moran (
Johnny manages the Sonic Custom Level Archive, inspired by Cyan's Maze-O-Matic Editor. He has devoted much of his time posting levels that people send in, as well as his own.
In charge of the Sonic Ads section of SSRG.
Nayr (
In charge of the Sonic 2 BETA hacking guide
Italian mirror / translator for SSRG.
Current Maintainer of the Sonic 2 Beta Page.
Rlan/ Ryan Langley (
Rlan - Master of the Sonic Fan Games, has devoted his corner of the SSRG to Fan Created games. He uses the emulation-way to get everything from Sprites to Backgrounds.

Rich Rogers (

Rich has created the Sonic ROM Hacks page which is a collection of different hacks from himself, as well as others. He has also helped with the Sonic 1 Hacking Documents page in both design and content.

Sonicblur (
Sonicblur is the creator of the popular Mac program, Knuxbine. He has also created his very own Sonic screen saver for Mac. These two progams were released on Emulation Zone. We consider Sonicblur in every way a staff member of SSRG for his contributes. He isn't a PC type person, but when it comes to Mac, he is someone we all can depend on!
In charge fo the savestate archive, along wtih Sonic Secrets Group
In charge fo the upcoming hack for Sonic 2.
(The Taxman )
Head of the excellent Sonic CD Beta information site, and the upcoming fan game, Retro-Sonic!
Thomas Rodriguez (
Thomas is a new french translator of the SSRG. He also has his own section with Macintosh programs to help with LockOn hacking.
Tim Myers/ Knuckles the Echidna (
When André Dirk left his position at SSRG, he put Knuckles in charge. Knuckles at start made every improvment he saw fit to the site by adding multiple interfaves for visitors to use to browse the site. He did ton's of other improvments. Besides all that, he is now maintaining it with everything he has and keeping it alive as well.
Tom (
Tom deserves special credit here, as he was the one that started it all by accessing Hidden Palace on Genecyst. After his Sonic and NiGHTS page was shut down Tom moved all his Sonic hacking info over here, into "Tom's Sonic Hacking Station". His original page was the original source of lots of info, such as the classic "Hidden Palace in Sonic 2" hack and many other exquisite hacks.

Noted Past Staff Members

André Dirk (
Although he recently left the SSRG, André Dirk is worth mentioning for his vast resources on Sonic secrets and for being the first site to be hosted at SSRG. His "Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog" site created the big Sonic hacking/ secrets boom with information on an early Sonic 1 (which he nicked from other sites) and his own photos of a Sonic 2 Beta cart that his friend owned. This led to the discovery of the Sonic 2 Beta ROM that you probably know about and all sorts of other stuff. He also brought us every Sonic ROM in existence, including several that we wouldn't have otherwise known about. After opening in October 1998 the site was quickly carted off to SSRG by Andy Wolan. In early 2000 he left SSRG having been unable to update regularly for about six months beforehand. His work is still visible at SoStH but it will never be the same without him.
Johnny "Sonikku" Wallbank's Sonic Team Jr (
Sonic Team Junior is one of the leading internet fan game teams. With its much-admired Sonic Robo Blast series it took up residence at SSRG after having problems with SegaSonic.Net. For more information on its staff visit this page.

LocalH (

LocalH is the creator of the Sonic Ad's section. Andy Wolan posted a wanted ad on the main SSRG page about a Sonic Ad's page in which he requested someone to create it and maintain it. After some time, LocalH came to Andy wanting the position. Once LocalH got it, he built the page ground-up with all the Sonic advertisements he had and made them avalible to the public. Now LocalH helps Nayr with the Sonic 2 Beta Hacking Guide.

Wiseman (
Wiseman joined us mid-1999, when he was finding information on a lost stage of Sonic 2. As he is the only Spanish member, he is in charge of translating the SSRG and various parts of it into Spanish. He's also maintains the Bonus Codes section. And now he's making a new section, the Cheats Archive.
Zac/ Doctor Zachary/ TR (
Zac helps run this staff page with side of Damian Grove. He also helps out with various other sections of the site from time to time when he's not particularly busy with his own page (off SSRG) and keeps us all at SSRG good company in every essential way. He also used to do stuff on Sonic HQ (hosted on EmulationZone) but has since left.
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