Sonic Action Replay codes

These are the codes copied out of the book that came with my Action Replay cart. Maybe you can convert them into save state hacks yourself!

Method for conversion:
1. Remove Fs from beginning
2. Make a note of the last two digits of the code
3. Remove the last three digits from the code to get the address.
4. Use a hex calculator and add 2478 to the address you have - make a note of the new address
5. Edit your save state with a hex editor and go to the address which you calculated
6. Change the value in that address to whatever the last two digits of the code were
7. Load your save state - the code will then be active!

Note: If code contains more than two Fs at the beginning, only remove the first two.

Sonic 1

FFFE120063 99 lives
FFFFE00001 Enable level select
FFF760000C Gives Sonic his speed shoes
FFFE090001 Enable debug mode
FFFFE20001 Invincibility
FFFFE10001 Enable slow-motion mode (pause and press B)

Sonic 2

FFFE120063 99 lives
FFFE090001 Enter debug mode
FFFFD00001 Enable level select
FFFFB1000x x = number of chaos emeralds
FFFE2100xx xx = number of rings
FFFE190001 Pseudo-Super Sonic
FFF65F00FF White Sonic
FFB01E0000 Sonic is always running
FFB02B0001 Shield protection
FFFE30000x x = last star post hit

Sonic 1&2

FFF76300xx xx= acceleration factor
FFF76400xx xx = braking factor
FFFE030001 Restart act
FFFE0900FF Enter debug mode
FFFE1000xx xx = zone
FFFE11000y y = act
FFFE1200xx xx = number of lives
FFFE16000x x = special stage number
FFFE1800xx xx = number of continues
FFFE2100xx xx = number of rings
FFFE2300xx xx = Minutes
FFFE2400xx xx = Seconds +1
FFFE2600xx xx = Score * 655360
FFFE2800xx xx = Score * 10
FFF76000xx xx = Maximum velocity of Sonic
FFF7620001 Instant acceleration

Because Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Sonic & Knuckles all use the same game engine, Action Replay codes that work on Sonic 1 will also work on Sonic 2, 3, and S&K! Likewise, you can hack the same areas in a save state for the same effect in any Sonic game!

GameShark codes

Here are some of the Gameshark codes I've created for Sonic Jam. Most of these were made by simply modifying the original Action Replay codes - can you spot the similarities?

To get these codes working I used a bit of trial and error, but if anyone can figure out the 'algorithm' for converting the Action Replay codes, please e-mail me!

So, without further ado, here are the codes:

Name of effect


Master code - must be on! F6000924 C305
B6002800 0000
Always have 255 rings 160FFE20 00FF
No pause 160FFE12 0062
Cannot move without using spindash 160FF760 FFFF
Better acceleration 160FF762 0033
Level select (S&K) 160FFF86 0200
Become Super Sonic (7 emeralds) 160FFFB0 0700
Turbo Sonic 160FF760 1300
Wood Zone (S2) 160FFE10 0200

Note: Although there is a code for Hidden Palace in Sonic 2, I have not put it here (because it causes the game to freeze). If you really want to try it out, use the Wood Zone code but replace 0200 with 0800.

Is Sonic too easy for you? Try the following code to make the game harder!

Hard mode

160FFE20 0000
160FFE12 0100
160FF760 0500

This code will make the rings count as 0 (the Rings counter doesn't update properly), and give you only one life to finish the game with! What's more, Sonic is slowed down to half speed! Therefore the game is a lot harder - just one hit by a badnik will give Game Over!