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Tom's Sonic Hacking Station!
Welcome to my little corner of the Sonic Stuff Research Group. As you may know, I was the one who originally found the secret behind switching levels in an emulator save-state, and discovered how to get the legendary unfinished 'Hidden Palace Zone' in the full version of Sonic 2. Here, I share with you my original hacking information and sources, and how I managed to work out what to hack in the save state.

Note: This site does NOT, and will NEVER carry ROM files. Do not e-mail me asking for ROMs.

Added a page of comparison screenshots between the Japanese Puyo Puyo game and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
Also added information on disassembling Genesis carts, with scans of the insides of Sonic games.


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Sonic 1 and 2 'lost levels'
Sonic Mixed-up levels
Sonic CD 'lost levels'
Sonic 3 'lost' levels!
Sonic Beta stuff
A Brief History of Hacking
Sonic Action Replay codes
Sonic Directory Listings
Sonic CD 'SNCBNK' files
Sonic TV Adverts
Laputa-Floating Island comparisons
Sonic & Knuckles cart-switching
Sonic & Knuckles Lock-on table
NEW! Puyo Puyo - Mean Bean Machine
NEW! Cart disassembling

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