Beta Information Sections

Beta Information

Within the last few years, the discoveries of pre-release or "Beta" versions of games from the Sonic line of games have been made. These carts contain graphics, sprites, even levels not found in the final versions of these games. Below are sites that compare them to the finals.

Sonic 2 Beta

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has to be the single Sonic game with the most controversy surrounding it's development. In this section, originally created by Simon Wai, who brought this version to our attention, you will find heaps of information concerning one of the early builds of Sonic 2, including the infamous Hidden Palace.
  • Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta Page (12-07-02)

  • Sonic Spinball Beta

    In this section, you will find information on an early build of Sonic Spinball that has been discovered, as well as the chance to get a glimse at it yourself.

  • Sonic Spinball Beta (07-09-02)

  • SonicCD Beta

    This section is dedicated to information on the 5/10/93 build of Sonic CD, which has various differences from the final build we all know.
  • SonicCD Beta (08-13-01)

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