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Guess what? sosth has the honor of being the first one on the net to post a genuine picture of Knuckles in Sonic 1. This picture is taken from a review of Sonic & Knuckles in the October 1994 issue of an Australian Magazine called Sega Megazone. The part circled is the interesting bit. E-mail Me! if you have anything to add!


I don't know what Sega were thinking, but if they removed the feature from Sonic and Knuckles to play as Knuckles in Sonic 1 then they are completely mad! There is a rumor that this feature was taken out because the game crashed when Knuckles tried to glide onto the conveyor belts in Scrap Brain Zone.



Yes, it's true. This picture above of Knuckles in Spring Yard Zone is a complete and utter HOAX! It was sent to me by Michael Stearns as an example of how easy it is to create fake screenshots. Actually, Michael Stearns created this pic using PaintShop Pro and Genecyst (a Mega Drive emulator). Either he is a Sonic Genius or this screenshots is real.
Note:- The picture of Knuckles in Green Hill Zone is genuine.

Secret Sonic Special Stage

In an E-mail sent to me by Thomas Huxley, he gives instructions on how to access an extra special stage in Sonic 3 and Knuckles (connected together). Now, I have tried the cheat and it works. Also, if you are too fat and lazy to do the Sonic 3 level select, click here.

To get the E-mail with these cheats and many other cool cheats, click here.