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Sonic 2 Beta Pictures!!

Yet more Beta pictures and stuff...

Title Screen and Level Select

Now it becomes obvious from these pictures that this Sonic 2 Beta really isn't as lame and stupid as once suspected. Actually, it is much better than once suspected. Amazingly, all these zones have at least one difference from their final versions. In my opinion, this Sonic 2 Beta is worth quite a bit of money.


Genocide City Zone

This picture on the right is of Genocide
City Zone. The strange thing is that you
just fall and fall down the blue screen
until you reach the bottom. Then you die.
Well, anyway, my site was the first site to
post pictures of it.

 Mystic Cave Zone

Dust Hill Zone was the name given to a desert stage that never made it into the final Sonic 2. The reason for this? Well, SegaFan said that Sega thought the Zone would not appeal to the Japanese market. If this is so, then why did they remove it from the game in other countries? Anyway, Dust Hill Zone was also the previous name of Mystic Cave Zone. The music is the same, yet the level layout is completely different from the normal Mystic Cave Zone. 
     These picture below and on the right look nice, but I don't remember ever seeing three knocking platforms together or four spiky chains together or six boxes spinning together. I really don't see what this level has to do with Dust or Hill. That's probably why the name was changed.

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