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S1 (12-02-01)
S1GG (12-31-01)
S2 (12-02-01)
S2ß (06-27-02)
S3&K (12-02-01)
Lock-On (04-10-01)
SCD (03-18-01)
Crackers (08-05-01)
Spinball (07-09-02)

Area 51 (07-06-02)
SoStH (11-22-01)
Tom's HS (05-20-02)

Projekt: FG
Mettrix (06-02-02)
Retro (03-20-02)

Projeck: ROM Hacken
S2ME (06-02-02)
S2z (07-10-02)
Mighty (04-22-02)
S2Delta (07-04-02)
S2Ultima (05-25-02)

Projekt: Mix
Gerbil (05-29-02)
SonEd (06-02-02)
MAC (06-18-02)
U.G.Zone (Kein Zeit Stempel)
ChaoSaX Tools (07-09-02)

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S2 Beta (07-10-02)
Spinball (07-09-02)
SCD ß (08-13-01)

Spots (09-04-01)
B. Kode (11-07-00)
C. Kode (11-07-00)
Maps (06-22-01)
ROM Hacks (12-09-01)
S. States (02-02-02)
Utility-Software (01-07-02)

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Wilkommen beim Sonic Stuff Forschungs-Gruppe (SSRG). Diese Seite ist für alle Software und Hardware Guru. Bitte notiert dass, eine normale Sonic-Seite hier nicht ist. Man wird keine StH Fan-Fictionen hier finden! Wenn sucht man Fan-Fictionen, sollt man Sonic HQ besuchen, weil es viele Fan-Fictionen gibt.

Hier, findet man Infos und Geheimnisse über der StH-Spiele. (schreibt man hier einen coolen Satz!)

Nur Homepage auf Deutsch. Es tut mir lied.

SSRG: Gewinner der bester Sonic Seite 2001 und Runner-up Best Page Design

SSRG Nachrichten
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  • The canidates eliminated in round one are now listed here.

    Round two of canidate eliminations have been done. I will post the results of that sometime next week.

    - Andy (Retired)

  • The listing of applicants for the job of new SSRG head has been posted. This list can be found here.

    Rsults from the first round of eliminations will be posted shortly.

    - Andy (Retired)

  • Either tonight or tomorrow, I will annouce the inital listing of canidates applying to be the new head of SSRG. If I get around to it, I will also annouce my first round of canidate eliminations.

    - Andy (Retired)

  • The deadline for submiting the application for SSRG's top job has expired. I hope to name a new head in the coming weeks. In the mean time, be sure to check SSRG every so often for word on how the selection process is going along.

    - Andy (Retired)

  • For those don't already know, SSRG has been awarded the best "Information Station Site of 2002" at 2002 Sonic Site Awards. The staff at SSRG would like to thank all our viewers for voting for us.

    Also, be sure to check out the 4th annual Sonic Emmy Awards at TSSZ.com tomorrow night at 9pm. Will SSRG win an emmy for the 4th year in a row? Find out tomorrow.

    - Andy (Retired)

  • The staff at SSRG would like to wish all our viewers a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    - Andy (Retired)

  • Hi to everybody. This is my first post here. I am working in some rom hacks. Try Sonic Neon v1.12
    The first download is ready. I uploaded the first patch for sonic the hedgehog. I hope who everybody like it.
    Zone1 (Hot Daisy Area GHZ): 99%
    Zone2(Killer Area MZ): 15%
    Zone3(Ruby City Area SYZ): 5% (only 50% of the palettes)
    Play and enjoy

    - Blue Frenzy ( bfrenz@eresmas.com)

  • I regards to applications for the position of "SSRG Head", a deadline has been set. All applications are due by Jan 2, 2003. Also, I request that people submit their applications as an attachment in either RTF, MS-Word or text format. Be sure to include your email address within the attachment as well.

    - Andy (Serious inquiries only)

  • It is common knowledge that I retired from SSRG back in Sept following the stunt Saxman pulled on me, along with the crap Pachuka and Co released on Stealth and myself. I also declared SSRG, with heavy heart, dead.

    Since that time, I’ve moped around SSRG. I’ve done so not because I want to return one day, but rather because of “unfinished business.” I’ve out grown this site, and I’ve known so for quite some time. I knew I had to pass on the torch to someone else and even tried handing off SSRG to two separate people. Sadly, both attempts failed.

    It’s been over two months since Stealth and myself consider SSRG “dead”, however the public, both the supporters and even the nay-sayers of SSRG, would like to see SSRG return. Therefore, I have decided on this Thanksgiving weekend to give SSRG one last shoot.

    I would like to invite the existing SSRG staff, and the public, a shoot at becoming the new SSRG head. If you are interested, please read this document.

    - Andy (Retired - Serious inquires only)

  • Congradulations goes out to Scott Polhemus. Scott was visit #600,000 to SSRG. I would like to thank all our visitors for their continued support of SSRG.

    - Andy (I'm retired, live with it!)

  • Hi all, (My first news post, whoo!)

    To introduce myself, I'm Alexbt, and I've just been appointed maintainer of the SSRG Documents Archive.

    This new archive can contain documents from secrets to theories or even hacking guides. You can write about discoveries or theories, or even a compilation of information you have gathered, into a document form. Also, this might be a good place to submit important posts from the area Sonic messageboards, if properly formatted.

    Websites won't be necessary. Just compile everything into one document with everything you want, and send me an email - alexbt@emulationzone.org.

    The site url will be http://ssrg.emulationzone.org/archives/docs

    - Alexbt

  • If you are user #600,000, please take a screenshoot of the counter and email it to me at wacko@emulationzone.org

    Thank you

    - Andy (Retired)

  • Hello! I have been put in charge of the ROM hack archive here at SSRG, and am accepting hacks and savestates for it. Please give me some interesting ones, even if they're work-in-progress - I'll put up the hack if it's far enough along.

    Thanks for listening!

    - NiktheGreek (newest staff member!)

  • S2SMTP has been updated to Demo 2 today!! Get it Here.

    - SMTP

    SSRG Nachrichten Archiv
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  • SSRG Wartunger: Stealth (MStealthA@aol.com)
    SSRG Wartunger (im Ruhestand): Damian Grove (saxman@shentel.net)
    Gründer: Andy Wolan (wacko@emulationzone.org)
    Seite Layout: http://www.uwa.edu.au/staff/
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    Gesetzliche Worte

    Übersetzer: Andy Chantler (andy_chantler@hotmail.com)
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