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October 2002 News

  • Hey everyone, prabably as you have seen im back, and I released s2me 0.85 a couple days ago. Sorry for not posting quicker. Well, in this release i can finally edit objects with free version of soned. I finished objects in EHZ act 1. i alse gave Bio speedway a space background. also allot of other stuff. Well me and Msonic2002 are trying some new things with the art in the game and trying to edit the art BG in cave valley and the title screen art too. its coming pretty good. I'll prabably release as a testing beta to see how people like it. That should be out by this weekend, well stay tuned for that. I know must return to work on S2ME =P.

    - Striker

  • I have been receiving a few AIM messages regarding hosting. Apparently, Saxman promised hosting over at his new server, but has failed to deliver on his promises. I was told that people are getting upset waiting weeks without any results.

    I just want to note that SSRG and the ĎZone is STILL accept hosting requests. I just want to make it clear, however, that we will only host established projects. In other words, if your project is still on the drawing board, donít email me. Iíve not interested in entertaining "on the drawing board" requests unless I have some proof of sincerity in the personís project. For more information, visit the Joining and Hosting information page.

    - Andy (Only email me serious requests)

  • I requested to Saxman, in private, to correct some errors on his site. To summarize, he had some false information in his "My Story" page regarding SSRG. I also suggested that he link to other hacking guides out on the Internet other than his own. (After all, his site is suppost to be about the Sonic hacking community, not the "Saxman hacking guide community".)

    He has since ignored my email message and the errors remain to this day. Until he makes the corrections, I will post my email message to him to the public. It can he found here.

    For those interested as to the events that lead to fall of SSRG, along with a more detailed account of what happened between Saxman and myself prior to the fall, I would give the document a read.

    And for those that still believe Pach had no roll in the fall, I suggest you read this document. You would be wise to not place you trust in him as you will see.

    - Andy (Do not email me)

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